Monday 4.22.13

Wrist Issues?
Do you have wrist pain? Physical therapist Josh Zavertnik writes that the first challenge is to establish if it is a mobility, stability or a strength issue. It could be that poor shoulder position is causing poor elbow position, which leads to poor wrist position. Or, the issue could be mobility/stiffness in the forearm is causing pain on something like a front squat or clean and jerk because it's placing extra pressure on the wrist. Or, there could simply be an injury in the wrist that needs treating. This article from Tabata Times gives suggestions about ways to stretch and strengthen the wrist and even talks about common wrist injuries. 

Clint bench pressed 275lbs today!

20 min to find 1RM bench press

10 min AMRAP:
5 DB burpees
10 KBS
full gasser