"The one thing I think the CrossFit community should be reminded of is that CrossFit is not the Games. CrossFit is not competition. What fuels, inspires, and drives people, is the people who will never go to Regionals or will never go to the Games. They may participate in the Open because they're passionate, but CrossFit is about changing people's lives: picking up your grand kids without hurting your back, living more independently, or even feeling stronger when you play the sports you like to play. As the sport is growing, I want to remind the community, it's not about the Games. There's far more people that will never step foot in the Home Depot Center than vice versa. I think those are the people we need to be inspired by, more so than the people that are in competitions." - Chris Spealler

What to Expect 


It's important to know that the CrossFitters that you may have seen or heard about on TV or in the CrossFit Games are elite athletes, and many of them are even professional athletes. Just like not all people who play basketball play in the NBA, not all CrossFitters are training for the CrossFit Games. You can expect to see men and women of all body types, all fitness levels, all ages, and all different fitness goals doing CrossFit. Some are training for CrossFit competitions, triathlons or marathons, and others are training to be able to keep up with their kids, lose weight, or have more energy.

You can also expect that you will always be supervised, supported and coached by a qualified trainer who will teach you how to safely perform all of the movements asked of you. Your trainer has your safety and well-being in mind, and will therefore make sure that you are able to perform movements correctly and consistently before asking you to add intensity with speed and/or heavy weight. 

You can expect to accomplish tasks that you didn't think you were capable of completing. We don't avoid movements, we scale them to your current fitness ability. Because you are scaling a movement that you haven't mastered yet, rather than avoiding it, you will build the strength and skills necessary to complete the movement as prescribed. This way, everyone does the same workout at the same time, but tailored to their needs. All of a sudden you are practicing and making progress towards things you thought you could never do! Most people are surprised that with dedication to the right strength and technique training, they are able to complete multiple pull ups, or handstands, or lift weight overhead. 

You can expect to be surrounded by a supportive community who will celebrate your accomplishments, cheer you on as you're finishing your workout, and hold you accountable for attending classes. Each class will contain a diverse group of people who will become your support system while at the gym.

Additionally, all new members will be required to complete a two week long OnRamp course that will introduce you to the foundational movements in CrossFit. This way, you will feel more comfortable and prepared to keep up with the pace of a regular CrossFit class. OnRamp classes are Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm OR Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6am.

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