What makes CrossFit Central Houston so special that you should choose us? Aside from our programming, we believe it is our COMMUNITY and COACHING.

CFCH Rules.png

Community. CrossFit Central Houston is a community of folks who encourage one other, support each other, and hold one another accountable for fitness goals. Each new member is presented with our "House Rules," which emphasize the type of culture that you will find here. 

Coaching. Our philosophy is "Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity." We are passionate about teaching our members how to do things RIGHT (mechanics), making sure they are able to perform movements correctly over and over with little to no weight (consistency), and then and only then, encouraging heavier weights or a faster pace. We are here to prepare you for life: and you can't very well be your best at life if you're always injured.

Additionally, strength with poor mechanics will only get you so far. Our members know that it is more important to complete a workout with less weight today to focus on form and be safe, so that in the future they will have the baseline skills to be stronger and faster.  

You can be assured that a coach will always be present on the floor, guiding you through your warm-up and workout. You will learn how to correctly perform movements, he/she will be available for you to ask questions, and will be giving you feedback and encouragement during your workout.