Tuesday 3.19.13

 Easiest Dinner Ever

These Buffalo Chicken Thighs are fast, easy, and delicious. These are sure to please adults and kids alike, AND they're a great one for making in bulk ahead of time and packing for lunch to take to work. Throw in some ranch dressing....watch out, now! "But wait, " you may be saying, "this recipe has real butter in it?? Isn't that a lot of fat??" Well....yeah, sort of. But i have great news for you - FAT DOESN'T MAKE YOU FAT! Isn't that great?! That means you should use REAL butter, make homemade REAL mayo, and eat the WHOLE egg, for goodness sakes. Margarine is not a real food, low-fat anything = added weird ingredients, and there's lots of good stuff in that egg yolk. Read here for more info about Why Fat Doesn't Make You Fat.


Deadlift : 12 min practice

even - 2 power cleans (185/115), 7 wall balls (20/14)
odd - 2 power cleans,  7 slamballs