Wednesday 3.20.13

Open WOD 13.3 Announced

This workout is the same as last year's 12.4: lots of wall balls, some double unders, and muscle ups. If you don't have muscle ups, don't worry! There's a tie breaker time this year after both the wall balls and the double unders, so your goal is to get through each one of those as quickly as possible to put you in the best scoring position. For those who did not complete this workout last year, you can imagine that after 150 wall balls, your legs and hips will be smoked! Make sure you get into the gym early to MOBILIZE (check out the video below) beforehand, AND stay for a few minutes after the WOD to stretch so that you can walk the next day. Good luck!

Mobility and Efficiency for this WOD

Double Under Help

The Kipping Muscle Up

15 sandbag get ups (70/35)
30 lateral over paralette burpees
15 sandbag get ups