Monday 11.25.13

Alright, well, I was so hopeful.....and it's not you fault....but the Mindbody app has some really annoying glitches. For me, mostly, not so much annoying for you.  Please DO NOT USE THE APP TO SIGN UP FOR CLASSES until further notice. It creates all kinds of internal errors in our system that I have to go back and fix every time the app is used, so  until further notice - it's' out. I have already submitted a complaint to Mindbody, and they have assured me that they are working on the bugs, so hopefully it will be up and running ACCURATELY very soon :)

Back Squat 5-3-1-2-2-2-2

6 min AMRAP
odd minutes - KBS (53/35)
even minutes - burpees

rest 3 min

6 min AMRAP
odd minutes - T2B
even minutes - DU

5 rounds:
500m row
15 burpees over the erg