Thursday 12.13.12

FYI: If you're not doing anything on Saturday and want to come out and watch a CrossFit competition, I'll be competing at the Get Fit or Die Mayan Challenge at Skyline Houston Athletic Center. I don't start competing until after 1 o'clock, so go WOD on Saturday and then come out to the competition :) Click here for event details.








No one will look at you crazy for any question you ask (unless you ask it with a whining voice. I didn't put that on here, but that's an unspoken rule:)). Like Phil always says, someone else is probably thinking it too, so go ahead and ask. Don't risk hurting yourself/doing the wrong workout/not doing something correctly because you're afraid of asking a question, taking up too much time, or looking stupid. Part of what we're paid to do is to help you, teach you and answer your questions, so take advantage and get your moneys worth. I was a 6th grade teacher for 6 years. Trust me, I've heard 'em all and was never once accused of making any of my kids feel stupid. Even when I got "17 + 23 = man." And the kid wasn't joking. True story.

Zercher squats: 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2