The Case Against Gloves While Lifting

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to wear gloves during weight lifting: 
   - They believe it will help their hands from slipping
   - Trying to avoid callouses on their hands
   - They don't like the way the bar feels on their hands (look.......we need to talk if this is you.....)

If you take a look at athletes in the sport of olympic lifting - from beginners to the professional - you will find ZERO (none, not one, no one, zilch) training while wearing gloves. If there are indeed benefits in grip strength or traction with the bar, wouldn't these folks be wearing them? So why aren't they? There's actual reason behind this besides things like, "gloves are for sissies...." Click on the links below to read more.
Weightlifting Gloves: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Wearing Gloves
6 Olympic Lifting Habits to Break Today - see #6: Wearing Gloves

Summary: Gloves will do more harm that good to your lifting. If you feel like you're having trouble keeping the bar from slipping out of your hands, then use chalk. If you CrossFit, you will get calloused hands - but they should be SMOOTH callouses, not the kind that are rough or scratchy. Take care of your hands by using pumice stones and moisturizer frequently.

On the Minute for 12 minutes:
Even min: 6 strict T2B
Odd min: 1 arm DB row x8 each side

10 min AMRAP:
Up the ladder
1 strict pull up, 2 HR push ups
2 strict pull ups, 4 HR push ups
3 strict pull ups, 6 HR push ups, ETC

Every 5 minutes for 30 min:
Row 500m
10 ring rows
10 bar dips