Wednesday 12.17.14

You may have noticed that we've had a little extra help around the box lately -- and not just from Grace and Steph! We are thrilled to have Ben and Jaime begin the CFCH Intern Program and start down the road to becoming CrossFit trainers here at CrossFit Central Houston. 

You'll see these guys helping out and coaching different portions of your class depending on where they are in the training process, so we wanted you to have a little background as to how this works. First of all, anyone who enters our internship program is CrossFit Level 1 certified...which is actually the only requirement mandated by CrossFit, Inc. to own your own gym or be a CrossFit trainer. We took things a step further by developing an internship program that hopefully prepares our interns to become high quality trainers that you can trust! They begin by developing and coaching the warm-up, and as their training progresses, they take over more and more of the class with less help from Phil or myself. After copious amounts of feedback and coaching hours, they'll be ready to take over classes on their own!

We appreciate how supportive you've been of these guys thus far, and of Grace and Stephanie in as well, during their training time. Please continue to show them love, to extend some understanding to them during their learning process, and to be respectful of their authority as coaches in training. If you have any feedback or suggestions, don't hesitate to let Phil or myself know! 

1000m row
30 DB rows (55/35#)
30 strict press (115/75#)
30 ring rows
30 push press
30 pull ups
30 push jerks