Tuesday 6.11.13

When you see Jesus or Alex P., give each of them a HUGE high five: first muscle ups today!! It's a big milestone, and each has certainly put in the effort, research and practice to get it. Both of these guys do their homework by watching videos and getting extra coaching. Congratulations, Alex and Jesus: you've earned it!  Watch below to see Alex do his first one!

Need some more motivation? Watch this video of last weekends Central East Regionals competition, event 6. The video starts with the women's final heat, which is awesome. But don't miss the men's final heat, which starts around the 33 minute mark, and contains some of the top male athletes in the world; including 2010 Games champion Graham Holmberg, 2011 and 2012 Games champion Rich Froning, 2012 Games athletes Scott Panchik, Dan Bailey and Marcus Hendren who finished 4th, 6th and 7th, respectively. 

Hey, remember the time that we did this workout on May 30th?  

20 min AMRAP:
2 muscle ups
8 KBS (70/53)