Wednesday 6.12.13

From Words with Lisbeth (November, 2009):

Not every day is a PR dayYou just can’t set new Personal Records every single day.

And, in a way, you wouldn’t want to.

That would be like having sunshine and good weather every single day. Eventually, you get sick of it. Really, you do. I’ve lived everywhere, from Southern California to the subtropical island of Okinawa, Japan and, believe me, your brain needs the occasional rainstorm almost as much as the environment needs that moisture. You get sick of sunshine and warm weather when it’s there every single day. Psychologically, you need the rain. You need the down days. You need the bad, you need the rotten. You need the suck.

It’s the only way to really appreciate the sunshine, the warm rays on your skin, the feel of the wind tickling your bare arms. The only way to really appreciate the PR is to go through the suck.

You have to earn the PR — and that’s not just through the actual act itself. You earn it by going through the suck.

We’re about to start the season of winter here in the Northeast. It won’t be easy. It never is. Cold, ice, and snow are coming our way. That’s the suck. But you know what? Spring will come again, and summer. And we will appreciate them more because of this winter.

So, bring on the suck — both in the gym and in the weather. We’re ready for it. We know that sunshine lies on the other side. 


7x3 front squat + ME supinated (reverse grip) pull-ups
 *no rest in between front squats and pull-ups

7 min AMRAP:
10 burpees
10 T2B