Tuesday 5.7.13

We want to hear from YOU!

We are looking for your testimonials and success stories about CrossFit/CrossFit Central Houston to share with current and prospective clients. After all, the mechanic, the plumber, the designer or the restaurant chef can tell you all day long that they have a great product or service...but who do we really believe? The customers. We want to be able to share your successes and your story with prospective and current clients to inspire them both. Those who are weary of trying CrossFit will benefit from hearing from real people of all different ages, starting fitness levels and body types write about their struggles and successes.  Equally as important, telling your story motivates and inspires the rest of us - and lets us celebrate with you! 

A testimonial can talk about how CrossFit has made you more healthy, or stronger, or faster. It can be about hwo your attitude and mental game has changed. It can be about the community and people you've met. It can be about how CrossFit/CFCH has helped you play with your kids more, or allowed you to do something that you've never been able to do before....it's your story, so it can be about ANYTHING that CrossFit has done to positively impact your life. If you are interested in writing a testimonial, please let me know and I can answer any other questions that you might have. If you want an idea of what a testimonial might sound like, you can read some here.

Deadlift (225/155)