Thursday 5.30.13

"Rice" and "Mashed Potato" Recipes

Growing up, I found cauliflower to be unspectacular.....but since then, I have learned the error of my ways! This veggie's mild flavor means that it can be seasoned easily and replace starchier carbohydrates like rice and potatoes. Same good flavor, minus the heavy feeling in your stomach afterwards.

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Cauliflower Rice.jpg

Teresa's Cauliflower "Rice"

This recipe is much less specific. In fact, I don't exactly know what the recipe is, because I don't usually measure when I make this one. The good news is that no matter how much I put in each time, it's always been delicious, so don't worry about messing it up. Just add and taste, add and taste. 

1 head of cauliflower
coconut oil, olive oil or butter (I prefer coconut oil)
garlic powder
onion powder
salt and pepper to taste
1/3 -1/2 6oz can tomato paste
vegetable stock (although I'm sure you could use chicken stock as well)

Grind the head of cauliflower in a food processor until it's in pieces about the size of rice. Then, in a large saute pan, heat up the coconut oil on medium high heat. Once oil has melted, add the "riced" cauliflower and saute alone for 2-3 minutes. Add the dry ingredients and saute for another minute or so. Add the rest of your ingredients and mix thoroughly. I add just enough vegetable stock to make the cauliflower pretty moist. Cover and let cook for 5-10 minutes or until softened. 

100 double unders
40 T2B
30 shoulder to overhead (155/95)
40 lunge steps with barbell in front rack position