Wednesday 2.6.13

Aristotle and CrossFit

Aristotle knew something about CrossFit?!?! Well......maybe, maybe not -- but this article discusses how some of Aristole's principles apply to CrossFit.

"These are some of the key principles of Aristotle’s ethics. His overall point is that when we “train”—physically, morally, intellectually—(and, indeed, when we don’t), we are molding not just our bodies or behaviors, but also our very characters,and in doing so,we are cultivating a core set of virtues that either enable or hinder our ability to flourish as human beings. 

I have come to see that CrossFit—all of it: its nutritional focus, mental rigor, physical pursuit, community spirit and more—manifests Aristotle’s principles. CrossFit is not just a workout with a physical goal. It is also, and maybe even primarily, about cultivating a set of character traits that can enable a person to flourish in all aspects of life. " Read more from this article here.


20 min AMRAP:
200m run
2 manmakers (heavy)
200m run
4 manmakers
200m run
6 manmakers
200m run
8 manmakers.....etc.