Tuesday 10.29.13

ACThrowdown 93.jpg

Thanks to everyone who asked about this weekend and wanted to hear how we did - your support is so important to us, and makes us proud to represent CrossFit Central Houston! If you were following us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram on Saturday, I hope you were able to tell that we were having a BLAST. The competition was a 6 person team event with 3 males (Phil, Dan and Andy) and 3 females (myself, Angie, and Melanie) making up the team. If you weren't aware, Alex was originally slated to compete with us, but he had a family emergency and had to fly home. We were lucky enough to bring on Andy (a friend of ours from Clear Lake CrossFit) to fill in at the last minute, and he was such an asset to our team. 

As a team that has never competed together as a unit and was up against some pretty stiff competition from a few boxes that had teams qualify for Regionals last year, I'd say that we were STOKED about finishing in the top 10. Each person on the team UNQUESTIONABLY gave it their all, and just as important - we had a great time. The goal of any CFCH athlete should be to represent our gym proudly by giving each WOD our all and never giving up, by having a humble and positive attitude, and by demonstrating integrity in all actions. I can safely see that we achieved those goals, and I hope we made you proud!

You can see the action and the fun in the Facebook pictures posted Saturday and last night, and on the video that will be posted tomorrow afternoon (thanks to Carly B)!

3 rounds:
400m run
21 KBS (53/35)
12 pull-ups


30 ground to overhead (135/95)