Thursday 10.10.13

Happy Hour.jpg

We'll be having our monthly happy hour tomorrow evening after the last class ends! Phil and I will be at Little Woodrow's on the tracks on Bellaire Blvd. at around 7pm - but you're welcome to show up earlier! We'll bring wings from Wing Stop, and there are menus at Woodrow's of restaurants that will deliver to the bar. Or.....just come and drink a beer or 5 :) Also, Phil and I are coming straight from the gym, so it's ok if you do, too. Let's face it : we all go to a gym with no A/C and we've all seen each other looking like a hot mess. No one cares if you go home and change or not. So come on: be comfortable, relax, hang out, and maybe meet some new folks! See everyone tomorrow night!

5 rounds: 
400m run
20 deadlifts (185/135)
10 Vups


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