Thursday 1.3.13

First of all, you guys are awesome. I'm sure you know by now that we are not the only CrossFit gym in the area. In fact, within a 3 mile radius, there are 4 other CrossFit boxes, and many people contact and try out more than 1 place before they choose their CrossFit home. 

We have had so many phone calls and so many free trial classes lately and one thing that I believe sets us apart is you guys. It's not just my opinion either - we've heard it from people who have visited our box. A new person walks in the door, fills out their waiver....and then there's that potentially awkward few minutes while they wait for class to start. Those few minutes are clutch. Imagine that you're a new kid on your first day in the high school cafeteria. You've just gotten your food and now it's time to find a place to sit. That's what those few minutes are like - BRUTUAL. But say someone from one of your classes flags you down and invites you to sit at their table?? Oh, the relief! It's the same thing But Dirk comes up and shakes a new persons hand to introduce himself, or Allie says hi and asks if they're new....or during class the way Raychel lets them know how she felt the same way when she first started, or Amanda helps them with their handstands during practice time....those are the little things that set us apart. Even if you're not a super outgoing person when you first meet someone, just introducing yourself goes a long way. This is your home - welcome people to it!

4 rounds:
10 KB snatches (53/35)
10 C2B
10 burpees 


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