Wednesday 1.16.13

All of these new members are fantastic, right?! Our community is growing and it's wonderful. Don't forgot to introduce yourself to the new people or anyone else that you don't recognize.

In an effort to keep everyone safer, to make classes run more smoothly, and so that everyone can get the personal attention that they deserve, starting Feb. 1st we will begin an OnRamp program for all new members. New members will complete the two week class that will cover the 9 foundational movements so that when they enter into a regular CrossFit class, they're not hearing about an air squat or a clean for the first time. The class will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm, so there will no longer be a regular 7:30 CrossFit class during that time. After completing the OnRamp course (successfully), new athletes will then be able to join whichever class time they'd like.

Meanwhile, try this: Paleo/Primal Chili Cheese dogs. Yep, they're even good without the cheese.

15 heavy carries with stone across the gym and back

cash out:
3x20 anchored weighted sit-ups
3x20 back extensions