Wednesday 9.19.12


Introducing....THE PR POLE!

You may have seen that giant black pole on the main floor and wondered why in the world it's painted with chalkboard paint and who is supposed to write on that thing anyways? Well, the answer is YOU get to write on it! Matter of fact, you get to write pretty much whatever you want on it...sort of. While 2 of the 4 sides will be dedicated to gym-wide high scores on traditional named CrossFit WODs (like the ones we've been doing on Mondays), the other two sides are for your own individualized accomplishments. For instance, the first time that you do an un-modified pushup, string together some kipping pull ups, or PR on how many consecutive double unders you get. Whatever goal you have set for yourself, WHEN you reach it (we know you will :)), grab one of those pieces of chalk, write your name up there and proudly declare that your goal has been met!


5 rounds:
15 walking lunges with weight in the front rack position (95/65)
30 double unders