Friday 12.7.12


Man. Today was a good one. I love those ones that make you lay flat on your back when you're finished. And by love, I mean hate....sort of....they suck so bad while you're in it, but it's those workouts/situations in life that are the hardest that make you the most proud once you've finished.


Have you ever been right in the middle of doing something - maybe it's watching your favorite TV show, or writing a paper for school, or reading a book - and it's RIGHT THEN, just as you've gotten on a roll, that your spouse/friend/kid decides they need to chat it up with you?  Outwardly you're trying to be patient, but inwardly you're thinking: "Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?!" 

Respect athletes who are in the middle of their workout. If you come in early or stay late and other people are working out, feel free to yell and cheer for folks, but it's not the time to talk to them about the weekend, how bad the WOD sucks, or anything else. Just tell them they're doing great, that they can get through it, and try to out of the way.

5 rounds:
20 KBS (70/53)
15 box jumps (24/20)
10 pullups
1/2 gasser