Wednesday 11.7.12

We had so many visitors today at the 6:30 - it was awesome! Thank you to everyone for being so welcoming to new folks you see walking through the door. You guys are what make our box, and meeting a friendly face when walking in to a new place makes all the difference in the world. 

HAVE YOU BEEN TO MOBILITY WOD LATELY??? I'm giving you the evil eye if you haven't been going there at least once/week. It's like saying, "No thanks. I'd rather not learn how to workout pain free, safely and with increased range of motion so that I can workout longer and with more weight. I'm good." Somehow whatever's on the site always applies to something you've just done or are struggling with. It's almost today's post is about mobilizing to improve overhead range of motion. Perfect for our WOD today. 

Skill: Push jerk

7 rounds:
5 push jerk (155/115)
10 slam balls or dumbell GTO (20/15)