Thursday 11.8.12

Rowing Technique

Often times we do rowing for warm-up, and the issue is not whether or not you can row - we've all done it before. The issue is: are you efficient?? CrossFit is all about efficiency, right? If you want to improve your time: become more effiecient in a movement so that you waste less energy. If you want to lift more weight: become more effiecient in a movement so that you are using all of the resources your body has to offer. Same thing applies to rowing. And it's not just about can get you a fast pace going, it's can you keep it there? I can crank of the rower with terrible form and get the wheel spinning fast....but how long do you think I can last there? The answer is not very long (I used to have really bad technique, so trust me, I've tried it). Here are some videos that address rowing technique as well as common errors when rowing. 

Skill: Power Clean work (10 minutes)

15 min AMRAP:
5 power cleans (185/135)
7 T2B
full gasser