NEW Weightlifting Class!

The buzz you've heard is true: CFCH will be doing a 6-week trial run of an Olympic lifting program starting next week! We've noticed an interest from the community in improving Olympic lifting like the snatch and clean-and-jerk, so we're introducing a class specifically to address these lifts. The class will be coach-led, just like your CrossFit classes. The purpose of the trial run is to gauge interest, test out programming and coaching strategies, and determine if this is a class that should become a permanent part of the CFCH schedule in the future. Because this is a trial period, there will be no additional cost to the program for participants, however there will only be 12 slots available! The first 12 people who sign-up on Mindbody when registration opens this Friday at 7pm will be committing to the entire course and will secure a spot for the next 6 weeks!

There have been lots of questions about the program, so please see below for some more detailed information, including Frequently Asked Questions.

WHAT: An olympic lifting focused program designed to improve technique and strength in the snatch and clean-and-jerk

WHO: Anyone with an unlimited membership who is willing to commit to attending all classes during the 6 week trial period.

WHEN: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30PM from August 21st - September 27th. REGISTRATION OPENS THIS FRIDAY AT 7PM on Mindbody.


Do I really need to be able to attend ALL of the classes during this trial period? Yes, really. At least for now. If we can't find 12 people who can commit to attending all 12 of the classes, then we'll open registration up to those who can attend ALMOST all of the classes.

What will the programming look like? The class will include a warm-up, mobility, and lots of repetitions of technique practice. Additionally, some days may include strength components that will assist with olympic lifting such as core work and various types of squats. 

Will there be a WOD included? There will not be a CrossFit-style WOD during this class. Therefore, it would be perfectly reasonable for someone to do a WOD class in addition to the weightlifting class, should they so choose.

What if I'm not a great lifter yet? Then you'll probably get a lot out of this class! We'd love to have a mix of lifting abilities in this class. No matter your current skill or strength level, you'll be able to get something out of this.

More questions? Let us know! Email OR ask a full time staff member at the gym!