2019 CrossFit Open + CFCH Teams!

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One of our favorite times of year is just a few days away…..the CROSSFIT OPEN! To make things even more interesting, everyone at CFCH who has registered at games.crossfit.com for the Open, will 1) be getting a t-shirt from us!, and 2) be placed on a CFCH Intramural Team, headed by one of our staff members. So here’s somethings you need to know about participating in this year’s CrossFit Open at CrossFit Central Houston:


Thursday Throwdown: Each week for 5 weeks of the CrossFit Open, CrossFit HQ will be announcing a workout to the world on Thursday night at 7pm. Everyone will have from that point, until Monday at 7pm to complete the workout and enter their score at games.crossfit.com. At CFCH, we’ll be showing the announcement of the workout on Thursday, projected on a big screen, and then watch some of our own athletes complete the workout right then and there! We’ll all cheer them on, and get a little taste of what’s in store for us at Friday Night Lights!

Friday Night Lights: All of the morning class times will remain as scheduled, and the class WOD will be the Open workout that was announced the Thursday night before. There will be no Friday evening classes. Instead, the gym will open at 4pm, and we’ll be running heats of the workout for that week. Athletes will arrive anytime they’d like between 4-7pm. Upon getting to the gym, you’ll add your name to a heat time of your choosing, and find another athlete who will judge/count your reps for you. There will be a warm-up area and a suggested warm-up, as well as coaches in attendance to answer questions. When it’s time for your heat, the head judge will make sure that everyone is clear on the workout and standards, and then you’ll crush your workout! Every athlete should judge at least one other heat while they’re there (someone has to judge you, right?!), but we’d love for you to help out with as many as you can! Friends and family are welcome to come out and cheer you on, eat at the food truck, listen the DJ, and hang out!


Every CFCH athlete signed up for the Open will be assigned to a team, which will be headed by one of our staff members. Your goal: ACCUMULATE THE MOST POINTS AS A TEAM.

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How do I earn points for my team?
+1 attending Thursday Throwdown
+1 attending Friday Night Lights
+1 participating in the Spirit Theme for the week during your Open workout
+3 highest RX and highest scaled score for the week
+2 second highest RX and scaled scores for the week
+1 third place RX and scaled scores for the week

The team with the most points at the end of the Open will win a years worth of bragging rights, and a GIGANTIC (also probably a little on the obnoxious side) TROPHY to display for all to see.

If you haven’t signed up, it’s not too late to get on a team! Go to games.crossfit.com and register before February 25th!