CrossFit Central Houston Core Values, Part 3: Integrity


Here’s the final installment of our 3 part series diving into the CFCH core values!  In the parts 1 and 2, we covered Relationships and Excellence.  In this installment, we will dive into the final core value: Integrity.  

What comes to mind when you see the word Integrity?  Maybe you think of a childhood role model, a mentor, or someone of high honor.  You might also think of a group of people or an organization that you admire because of their mission.  What do all these things that come to mind have in common?  They have integrity; meaning, they hold themselves to a higher standard without a third party telling them to.  They set the standard and deem it their responsibility to uphold it.  They do the right thing when no one is watching.  In other words, they have self-accountability. 

In order to have integrity, one must exhibit these characteristics: honesty, virtue, decency, fairness, sincerity, truthfulness, and trustworthiness.  These are all synonyms for integrity, and rightly so.  Integrity isn’t a word that is thrown around all the time.  When it is mentioned, it means something.  And that is exactly why we chose integrity as our final core value.  We want everyone here to have integrity as a priority in their lives.

This can look different, depending on the setting.  It could mean being honest about your reps and movement standards, or your friend’s (if you are judging).  I could mean being kind, fair, sincere, and trustworthy in all of your relationships.  And most importantly, it could mean being honest with yourself.  

Often overlooked, integrity can also mean unity, coherence, or togetherness.  This is perfect for what we embody at CFCH.  We aren’t just a gym.  We are a family.  We are united.  The recent events are a perfect reflection of our values.  The overwhelming help, cooperation, love, and care from everyone during and after hurricane Harvey was (and is) amazing.  It shows that we are here for each other no matter what, just like a family.

This final core value, integrity, is not just one in itself.  It unifies the first two values and brings them into full circle to show what CFCH is all about.