CrossFit Central Houston Core Values: Relationships

by Grace Lin

In this 3 part series, we will be diving into each of the three core values we hold dear at CFCH.  The team sat down and brainstormed, ”What makes CFCH unique?”  We each wrote down all the words that came to mind to answer that question.  When we brought the answers back, three very prominent themes came up in everyone’s answers: Relationships, Excellence, and Integrity.

In this installment, we will dive into the first value: Relationships.  

It is undeniable, the community we have here at CFCH.  It is, by far, the strongest and most apparent quality we receive feedback on from both members and visitors.  Keeping up with our tight-knit community has always been a priority for the CFCH staff.  We are more than just a gym.  We are a family.  Members at the gym can rest assured that if they ever need anything, another gym member will be there to help.  This quality is rare to find out in the real world, let alone a gym.

As our family grows, we want to continue to keep community and strong relationships in the forefront of everything we do.  If you see a new face, please take initiative to say hi and introduce yourself!  Take him/her under your wing and show them around the gym.  We all remember our first day stepping into the gym (or any new place) – it can be intimidating!  A friendly face always helps ease the nerves.

Something that comes to mind, personally, when I think of family is serving others.  This could look like helping each other out during the workouts.  Especially when you’re finished and your neighbor is still working.  It could also be helping each other clean up.  We are not done until the last person is done – this goes for everything.  And finally, it could also look like celebrating each other’s accomplishments.  Be happy for your fellow members when they set a new PR!  And if they don’t think it’s a big deal, let them know it is a big deal!  Every accomplishment should be celebrated, no matter how big or small.  A victory is a victory.

So the next time you come to the gym, don’t think of it as a check off the to-do list.  Think of it as coming home to a family who wants you to be there.

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