Goals Check In

by Grace Lin

It’s already the second half of 2017 and time to perform a check-in with yourself.  How are your New Year’s goals going so far?  Are you on track?  Have you made progress?  Or have they fallen on the back burner?

Now is the time to get real with yourself and evaluate where you are now compared to where you were in January.  Maybe you need to re-adjust some goals?  Or edit the timeline?  Do you need to edit your action plan?  Maybe you’ve reached your goals and now need some new additions.  Whatever scenario applies to you, think of ways that will keep you moving forward.  Periodically revisiting goals is important to keep yourself accountable.  

Remember, setting goals and achieving them isn’t always a straight path.  The journey can take unexpected turns, which makes it more difficult, but much more rewarding.  It’s about the process of getting there, not about the goal itself.  The process is what actually makes you better.

If you’re interested in learning how to set goals, CFCH will be hosting a goal setting workshop powered by Compete Every Day on August 26 (Saturday) from 12-4pm.  Check out our Facebook page for more information.  Spots are limited, so please sign up early! 

TO REGISTER, CLICK HERE: events.competeeveryday.com