Two Questions That Can Make or Break Your Training (Part 2)

by Grace Lin

In the last post, we talked about the first question to ask yourself before you train every day: Why am I here?  But, the questions don’t end there.  After answering the why, it’s important to answer the what.  

What am I hoping to accomplish in this session?

Every training session is comprised of many different elements and it is nearly impossible to focus on all of them at once (not without sacrificing quality).  But, if you choose one or two elements to focus on for that day, it completely changes the dynamic of the training session.

For example, if the workout was

4 rounds for time of
30 WB (20/14)
15 Power Cleans (155/105)
50 DU

Your focus could be, “I want to finish each set of WB in 2 sets or less.”  

Or it could be, “I know I have some technical faults on my clean, so I’m going to really focus on getting the bar to my pockets and keeping it close on every rep.”

Or maybe, “I usually take big breaks between sets of DU.  I won’t do that this time.  I’m going to step through the rope immediately if I trip up.”

The what you choose to focus on is completely up to you – it’s totally dependent on the athlete.  Answering what gives you a small daily goal to work toward.  And the continuous accumulation of these small goals will carry over into achieving your big goals.  Small victories are what make big victories, and this strategy gives you small victories that you can celebrate every day.