Welcome Connor and Camzin Martin!

We are thrilled to welcome Connor and Camzin Martin to the CrossFit Central Houston coaching staff! These two both bring a wealth of CrossFit knowledge as experienced coaches and athletes. With this addition, we're afforded the oppportunities to not only bring you even more high quality coaching, but more classes and new programs! Please welcome Connor and Camzin into the CFCH family!

A little more about the Martins...

If you've watched "Every Second Counts" you've seen Connor Martin. He's the skinny kid in the back of the 2008 CrossFit Games as the youngest competitor there. He competed in the 2007 Games as well as the very first Regionals, ultimately competing on the Regional stage four times before hanging up his hat as a competitor to develop both Regional and Games level athletes.

Connor began his CrossFit career 13 years ago at the fifth CrossFit affiliate worldwide. He trained extensively under Jeff Martin (the man responsible for producing the scaling on CrossFit.com for over 9 years) before beginning his four year career on the CrossFit Seminar staff where he taught the Level 1, Level 2, and CrossFit Kids Seminars, teaching over 150 seminars all over the world and achieving the status of a Level 3 CrossFit Certified Trainer.

When his wife, Camzin, found out she was pregnant they looked to put down roots and found a home here in Houston where he developed an extremely successful competition program, a teen program, strength protocols, and an on-boarding program.

Camzin began CrossFit in 2012 and has competed as a Regional athlete every year since with the exception of the year after the birth of their oldest child. Camzin came to CrossFit with a twelve-year background in gymnastics as an either an athlete, coach, or gym manager.

Camzin taught on the CrossFit Kids seminar staff for a year before becoming pregnant with their oldest daughter and has attained her Mobility, Gymnastics, and Level 2 CrossFit Training certificates. She has written and developed masters programs, as well as hosted multiple gymnastics clinics and seminars.

Since coming to Houston Camzin and Connor have fostered their second daughter from birth and are eager to be able to adopt her before the end of the year. Their passion is in helping people find confidence, health, and longevity through fitness as well as helping athletes redefine what they thought possible for themselves. They feel honored to be able to continue their journey with CrossFit Central Houston and blessed to be able to do so with the leadership here.