Beach WOD 2014

We had a great time yesterday at the beach!!! We kicked things off with a fun WOD + sandcastle building contest, then hung out all after noon with some great food (Joe literally cooked 100# of meat. Literally), some great folks, and lots of beach games. If you missed it, there are a few pictures up on Facebook, and lots more to come! 

Beach WOD 2014
In teams of 3 to 4:
15 min clock:
beach + water relay run
In remainder of time, begin building a sand castle
10 min clock:
10 min AMRAP:
100 burpees
200 air squats
300 mountain climbers
*only 2 people working at a time
15 min clock:
team caterpillar (5 passes each)
In reminder of time, finish building sand castle

Congrats to Team Lulu, who won the 10 min AMRAP, and the Ridic Rhinos and Leroy's People who tied for the sandcastle contest win!

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