Monday 6.2.14

Are you overtraining?

Do you WOD 6 days per week? How about workout twice per day on a regular basis? Do you spend all of your days off from CrossFit doing other types of workouts such as running, long distance cycling, spin classes, and the like? Guess what? YOU MIGHT BE OVER-TRAINING! You gotta put down the barbell and listen: You are not Rich Froning. You are not Jason Khalipa. Last I checked, we don't have any professional CrossFitters in our gym, so why are you trying to put in the volume of someone who is a professional?? Ever heard the phrase "quality over quantity"? That applies 100% to your training. Getting better doesn't always mean do MORE CrossFitting. Sometimes it means you need to put away the kettlebell and take a rest day or two. Click here for a great read on symptoms of overtraining and some questions to ask yourself that will help you determine if you need to make an adjustment in your training schedule. 

Note: Want to see strength gains AND get in a rest day?? Mobility doesn't count as a workout, and I GUARANTEE that mobility work will help not only improve efficiency, reduce pain, and prevent injury - it will help you get stronger. And you can do that EVERYDAY :) 

Back Squat 5x2 @85-90% of 1RM
in between sets, complete 5 supinated grip pull ups strict or weighted

6 rounds:
30 sec ME thrusters
2 min rest