Tuesday 4.8.14

This month's Spotlight Athlete is Jesus! If you've been paying attention to the whiteboard, you already know that Jesus is a beast of an athlete, and if you've ever met him in person you know that it's a rare day to see this guy in a bad mood. He comes to class every day with a positive attitude to work hard and have fun doing it. You can catch him before or after class working with others on skills, which is why he is constantly improving. Read more about Jesus and his surprise exciting news by clicking on the Success Stories tab!

Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes:
power snatch + hang snatch + squat snatch + snatch balance

5 rounds:
200m run
5 power cleans (185/135#)
10 box jumps (30/24")

1000m row
10 burpees over the erg
800m row
15 burpees over the erg
600m row 
20 burpees over the erg
400m row
25 burpees over the erg
200m row
30 burpees over the erg