Tuesday 4.15.14

Next Wednesday (April 23rd) at 7:30PM, there will be a competitors meeting for those interested in competing at a Regionals level, whether as an individual or on a team. We'll be talking about nutrition, training, and gauging interest in a competitive Team CFCH! If you can't make it, but would like to attend, please let us know!

15 min to find 1RM power clean and push jerk

12 minute clock:
1 min ME box jumps (30/24")
1 min ME SDHP (115/75#)
2 min ME box jumps
2 min ME SDHP
3 min ME box jumps
3 min ME SDHP

10 rounds:
1 min ME rowing
rest 15 sec
30 sec ME push ups
15 sec rest