Thursday 1.16.14

Do Not Feed the Fears


I usually write after a WOD, but today’s WOD is giving me such anxiety I need to write before it as well.

75 Box Jump Burpees, with some running thrown in.

The only way I could hate this workout more?  If it was a box jump burpee wall ball.  Do they have those?  I hope to Gd not. Ever since I saw this WOD on the website last night, I’ve had a stomach ache.  Bad enough that I could of called into work today, but that would be ridiculous. Years of therapy has taught me that when I have this kind of reaction to something, I need to simply ask myself the following question:

What am I afraid of?

I thought about this all day and I’m trying to talk myself down. Here are the bulletpoints of the discussion I’ve been having in my brain:

Fear:  Maybe I’m scared that I can’t do it. 

Counterpoint: If you can’t do it, your coach will scale you.  He is smart and knows what you are capable of…even if you don’t.

Fear: What if I suck?

Counterpoint: At what point did you ever not suck?  That’s the point of Crossfit…finding what you suck at and working at it.  No one is going to make fun of you.  Remember a few weeks ago when you fell on your ass from a standing position while trying to do an over head squat?  No one pointed and laughed.  And even if they did…it’s ok.  It was funny.

Fear: What if its going to hurt?

Counterpoint: It’s going to hurt.  That’s ok.

I think my real issue is that mentally I don’t have what it takes to get through this workout.  I can hear the school girl’s chorus in my head. “Rachel can’t do this, Rachel can’t do this. ”The school girl choir sucks.  But my brain is behind that choir.  I just have to listen to the louder voices, the ones saying “You are going to do this.” 

This whole pushing myself thing is harder that I thought.

"Fight Gone Bad" 
3 rounds:
wall balls (20/14#)
SDHP (70/53)
box jumps (20")
push press (75/55#)
row for calories
rest 1 minute
*spend 1 minute at each station before resting for one minute