Tuesday 8.6.13

Why Are You Here? 

Why are you here? What makes you come to CrossFit Central Houston? 

For some, it's about driving your body to it's physical and mental limits to see what it can do. How much can I sweat? How much can I lift? How fast can I become? Others thrive off of the community here and getting a good workout in while hanging out with friends. Some of us are interested in being able to take trips, play games and keep up with our families and kids. And yet, there are others of us who are a little more unsure of why we're here. 

If you have no big picture for your training, no connection to a reason for your hard work, it's hard to stay motivated to come here and it's more difficult to make progress. Before you start setting goals for how many pull-ups you want to be able to do, or how much you want to deadlift, figure out what you're doing here. Why do you come to CrossFit? If you're not sure where to start in figuring that out, think about what makes you most happy in life. Is it your family? Being outdoors? Competing against others? Community? Once you've established what makes you really happy, think about how this fits in. How can coming to CFCH make you better at that or help you do it more often? Maybe your family is what makes you most happy and you want to be able to take them skiing, or SkyZone on the trampolines, or play touch football in the backyard. Perhaps you love spending time outdoors and you want to rock climb, scuba dive or go hiking. Whatever your passion(s) may be, use that to help you establish the reason that you come to the gym every week and to help you set goals that really mean something to you. 

Partner WOD
alternate and complete 7 rounds each:
7 pull ups
7 box jumps
7 DB ground to overhead