Thursday 8.22.13


From JournalMenu

The middle.

We never really plan for the middle. 

You go in with a game plan on the first round, you know the last round will be a gut check, a time to lay anything and everything on the table - but you forget about those pesky middle rounds.

You go into Fran with a game plan. You know how you will split up the 21, you know you will just push as much as you can through the 9 - but what about the 15? Will you split it up? CAN you go unbroken? Will you be able to string your pullups together still? 15 is a lot of reps to go one at a time...

So what about those middle rounds that start with burning legs and heaving lungs? The rounds where there really isn't an end in sight, where all you can see is work, work and more work ahead of you?

Those are the rounds that truly test you. 

Anyone can go gangbusters for a round. Anyone can put it on the line when they know it is about to end. But putting yourself into the dark place when the tunnel has no light?

That takes training, courage, effort and pain. 

It takes learning how to perform when your plan completely falls through.

It takes never giving up, never quitting, never saying "I can't" and instead just motoring through - even if it has to be a single solitary slow rep at a time.

The middle will suck. Guaranteed. 

But it will also show you who you are. It will show you your weaknesses and praise your strengths. 

The middle will be your greatest teacher.

Embrace it and find a way to kill it.


20 min AMRAP:
10 push press (115/75)
10 KBS (53/35)
10 box jumps (24/20")