Saturday 8.10.13

CrossFit Katy Bring the Heat Challenge

Next Saturday we will be closed due to the Bring the Heat Challenge at CrossFit Katy where we have 6 folks representing CFCH! If you can, please come out and support Alex P., Ben D., Jesus, Jennifer J., Phil and I! Competition starts at 8 A.M and will last all morning and into the afternoon, most likely until 3 or 4 pm. All competitors will complete 4 WODs. The spectator info that we have received thus far is as follows: 

Spectators are free, no admission fee or anything like that so tell them to come out and enjoy the competition! We will have booths set up from Raw Athlete, Rated RX Wear, Paleo Pals, Nutrition Depot, Maximized Living, and more so make sure to check them all out. 

Parking is to be done at the Church of the Holy Apostle, 1225 West Grand Parkway South, Katy, TX 77494, which is right next to the gym. There are two parking lots, either turn right on Taswell and turn into the Church or drive past Taswell and enter the other parking lot on the other side of the church.  Please DO NOT park in the parking lot of the gym as the other businesses will be open and need the parking. 

3 rounds:
 Row for calories
DB snatch
med ball situps
rope pulls
push ups

*1 minute of work at each station, and 1 minute of rest between rounds. Score = total reps