Tuesday 5.28.13


Well, it's done! Thank you all for your patience this weekend with the gym being closed, but Regionals was a huge success for me! I finished the weekend in 19th place, with the highlight being a 3rd place finish in the overhead squat workout. 

Sometimes after competing at various sports your whole life, you get wrapped up in thinking that the best part happens when you win. You can play the best game of your life, and still walk away disappointed because you lost. This weekend, I got to compete with no expectations of placement and no intentions of comparing myself to others.....and it was surprisingly freeing...and satifying...and FUN! I gave myself time to take in the crowd, listen for my family and friends cheering, SMILE during and after a workout, and celebrate my best effort, regardless of what place it put me in. I PR'd "Jackie" by a minute and a half - which still put me close to the bottom of the leaderboard for that workout - but I didn't care, which doesn't always happen. When you go in with a plan to win, even your best effort can lead to disappointment. But when you define success as giving your very best effort, there's so much more to celebrate! I did things this weekend that I had NO IDEA that I could do, and I'm so glad that I didn't miss the chance to enjoy that success by being too wrapped up in comparing myself to everyone else. 

I am so touched to hear that some people kept up with the compeition online, and so grateful for everyone's support. Each time I heard, "....from CrossFit Central Houston..." behind my name being announced, it made me smile inside. I am so proud to represent our community, and I felt you guys with me all weekend. Thank you!


7x3 push press

200 KBS (53/35)
EMOM, 3 burpees