Team Selection Procedure

by Connor Martin

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In the past few years CFCH has had the opportunity to be represented in elite level competitions through Teresa’s individual efforts. She has established herself at the Regional level as an individual competitor and at the Game’s level as a master’s competitor. As members of CFCH we have cheered her on as she has flown the gym’s banner and represented our CFCH.
This year presents a new and unique opportunity for CFCH to field a team to fight for a spot at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games and compete for the Affiliate Cup. To fully understand what that means requires a brief review of the Games’ rulebook and season.

The Reebok CrossFit Games Season officially begins January 1s tof each year. The worldwide Open, the first stage of the Games’ qualification process, begins in late February and continues for an average of five weeks. At the culmination of the Open the top males, females, and teams from each Region are invited to their respective Super Regionals which take place in May. The top five males, females, and teams from each Super Regional receive an invitation to that year’s Reebok CrossFit Games (barring disqualification), and the Game’s take place in late July or early August of that same year.
For teams (three men and three women), there are additional considerations at each stage. As of the beginning of each season each team member must train three or more days at the facility which they will be representing in competition (more than half rule). They must maintain this schedule throughout the season for as long as they are eligible to continue competing (qualifying for Regionals, and/or the Games prolongs this requirement). Furthermore, if a team athlete double qualifies (i.e. as an individual to Regionals or as a masters/teen athlete to the Games) that athlete must decide and either turn down their individual invitation and go team, or accept their individual invitation in which event theirs scores are pulled from their team and their team invariably does not do as well.

For CFCH we are fielding a team this year. This means we may have people try out for the male/female spots as well as the alternate spots as season approaches. These may be members from within our community who train in our competitor’s program or they may be athletes from other gyms who join our community to have a chance to compete on our team. This means five more people will be representing CFCH this year and the community we stand for at Regionals, and we fully intend, the Games.
At CrossFit Central Houston, community is paramount and with our team it is no different. You can expect to get to know each of the team members as season approaches and spots are decided, to see them around the gym, and to see them participate in community events. As new people come through to train for an opportunity to join our team please make them feel welcome just as we would any other member. As we press forwards into the season, we welcome any questions you may have.

2018 Reebok CrossFit Games. One Community. One Team. One Goal.