Thursday 3.5.15

Open WOD 15.2 is announced!! 15.2 is the same as last year's 14.2. This is a chance to re-test if you participated in the Open last year! Click here for videos from MobilityWOD and CrossFit San Francisco with suggestions on strategy, mobility and movement for this WOD.

Remember that the Open WODs are a time to TEST. These workouts are not designed to improve your fitness. Just like last year, we'll let you establish a score for the Open, then scale further if needed in order to continue and get a workout in. We've had SEVERAL people get a "first" during these types of WODs - first double under, chest to bar, pull up, overhead squat, etc. Even if you "only" get a handful of reps, or you don't get a pull up tomorrow, that's helpful information for you! Redo this workout in 6 months or a year and see what happens! 

Every 10 minutes for 40 minutes:
Run 800m
15 strict HSPU
15 ring dips