Tuesday 9.30.14

Get ready. It's coming. Halloween WOD 2014. Halloween was the first big holiday after CFCH opened the doors in 2012. We had a Halloween WOD then, and we had one last year that was bigger and better. Yes, costumes are required if you come to class that Friday, so start thinking of ideas now! Coming to the gym early? Or right after work? Well, you already have to put on a shirt, shorts and shoes to come to the gym...plan ahead and put a theme to those things! More costumes = more fun!!

7 min EMOM:
3 strict press @ 65-75% + push press
then, immediately followed by: accumulate 90 seconds with barbell locked out overhead (for time)

push ups w/hands on DBs
DB row (55/35#)
*10 sit ups penalty for touching the ground or taking hands off dumbbells 

Run 1 mile
Row 2k
Run 1 mile