Tuesday 7.1.14

Today starts the July Challenge: 50 reps of any ab exercise, every day for the entire month! Fifty reps or fifty seconds (depending on the exercise), and feel free to add extra if you'd like! Although any time you're lifting weights, you're getting a great core workout (anyone try and do the heavy front squats today without a tight belly???!!) it never hurt anyone to add in a little extra core work. You may choose to do a different exercise each day for variety, or go specifically with ones that fit your current speed. For instance, 50 flutter kicks, or 50 abmat sits up might be a great place for the beginner; while 50 paralette pass thrus, or 50 GHD sit-ups is for a person looking for something a little more advanced. Meanwhile, we'll keep mixing things up in class to give you an intro into most of these. 

5 rounds for total time:
5 front squats (185/135#)
10 pull ups
15 KBS (70/53#)

10x200m run
first 5 @ 1 mile pace, second 5 @ sprint