Monday 5.12.14

What an incredible weekend at the CrossFit Armada Beginners Competition. This picture shows the brave athletes who competed (Chuck, Grace, Carly, Frank and Jim) and just some of the folks who came out to support them. We had so many proud moments as coaches as these guys represented CFCH so well. More than their placement was their grit, that they had good form and met movement standards, the teamwork of Grace and Chuck….and in the end, it is those things that translate into 1st (Grace and Chuck - team), 6th (Frank - individual, Carly - individual) and 15th (Jim - individual) place finishes. It takes guts to get to put yourself out there and give it all you've got in front of a crowd of people. When you see these guys around the gym, be sure to give them a high five or a word of encouragement. They sure deserve it. 

Back Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

60 box step-ups for time with barbell in front rack (95/65#)
*alternate one minute on, one minute off with partner