Tuesday 4.29.14


Alright, we know it's good for us, but not everyone is in love with doing mobility work. I'd say over 50% of the time when someone comes to us talking about a stiffness/impingement/reoccurring pain, and we ask, "How often do you do mobility work to address this?" the answer is, "I don't." I actually just heard that exact conversation happen today. Maybe you literally have one hour to come in and workout, and can't stay for 5 minutes before and/or after to spend on the foam roller. Or maybe it's just that mobility is not as exciting as going for your PR back squat, or hitting a 10 minute met-con as fast as you can….it doesn't mean that it doesn't need to get done to make you a) a better and strong athlete, but most importantly b) a healthy, pain and injury free person over the long term. So here's to you, Mr. I-don't-mobilize-enough-man : this article's for you.

10 minutes to build to squat snatch weight

1000m row
20 shoulder to overhead (135/95#)
30 squat cleans 
40 burpees over the bar

Thrusters 10-20-30-20-10
400m run in between sets