Friday 3.7.14

There were so many PRs today! We had so many folks get their very first chest to bar pull ups, and overhead squat 95 or 65 pounds for the first time - and often times, they did it multiple times!

Remember: "If you’ve demanded the most and more of yourself, there is no reason to hang your head. So you are not as good as others on a workout. Fine. They are not as good as you in other ways. Celebrate their success and move on. Celebrate your commitment to effort and move on. Your score is not you. It’s a reflection of who you are at this one moment in time. That’s all it ever was." -from "I Only Got 306 Fewer Reps Than Talayna by Lisbeth Darsh

Open WOD 14.2
2 rounds:
10 OHS (95/65#)
10 chest to bar pull ups
12 OHS 
12 C2B
14 OHS
14 C2B
16 OHS 
16 C2B
18 OHS
18 C2B