Wednesday 2.19.14


MEET JOSH! Phil and I met Josh about 5 years ago where he was coaching at Clear Lake CrossFit. Josh has been in the game for a long time, and if you can't tell - this dude is STROOOOOOOOOONG! Josh will be periodically coaching classes for us starting the end of this week, so please be sure that you make him feel welcome! 

Also, this weekend Phil and I will be attending the Invictus CrossFit training camp out in California. We will have the opportunity to be coached by some of the best coaches and athletes in the world, including CJ Martin, Josh Bridges, Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet, Lauren Fisher, Talayna Fortunado, Michelle Kinney, and a host of other CrossFIt Games competitors. Our goal with this camp is to not only get some great coaching ourselves, but to come back with information/strategies/drills that we can share with other athletes who are interested in competitive CrossFitting. That being said, you will see guest coaches for Friday evening and Saturday - let's make sure they feel like part of our family :) 

1 power clean
1 muscle up
2 power cleans
2 muscle ups
3 power cleans
3 muscle ups

....continue up the ladder for 17 minutes