Tuesday 2.11.13

Congratulations to our Whole Life Challenge winners: Josh, Stephanie S., Tricia, and Nicole!! These guys had PERFECT scores for 28 days of eating, exercising, mobilizing and reflecting, so they each win 1 FREE MONTH of GYM MEMBERSHIP! You guys are absolutely amazing in your determination and dedication. To everyone who gave the challenge a try, we hope that at the very least it made you think before you eat something, and know that this challenge is not designed to dictate your eating habits 100% of the time for the rest of your life....but hopefully 80% of the time or so, and that deviations are a conscious and planned choice. If you have a Whole Life Challenge story that you'd like to share, we'd love to hear your testimony! Even a 1 or 2 sentence email would do wonders for us to share and help motivate others to give it a try as they begin CrossFit. 

Next big motivating factor: The CrossFit Open. Have you signed up??? Register at games.crossfit.com. There are a very small percentage who are playing to win something....the rest of us are in it to compete with ourselves. It's 100% worth it. 

1 mile run
2000m row
500m row
*rest as needed in between exercises