Monday 12.8.14

Class competition day!! What fun it was to see such class pride! We had so many comments throughout the day from people saying that this was one of the hardest workouts they'd ever done. These simple movements - burpees, KBS, squats and sit ups - were just crushing folks. I submit that one of the main reasons that this workout seemed to be so brutal was positive peer pressure. I believe that for many, today was the first time that they'd pushed themselves THAT HARD because no one in the class wanted to let their team down. What would happen if you came even CLOSE to pushing yourself that hard EVERY WOD? What kind of athlete would you become?? Use today as an opportunity to learn about yourself and your limits, and recognize that you may be able to put more out there than you've given yourself credit for. 

Deck of Cards WOD
Spades = KBS (70/53)
Hearts = burpees
Diamonds = sit ups
Clubs = goblet squats (70/53#)

The number of the card drawn represents the number of repetitions. Face cards = 10 reps. Jokers = 20 reps of class choice (T2B, 400m run, DB snatch, jumping lunges)
Score = time it takes to complete entire deck of cards as a class