Thursday 11.20.14

Thanksgiving is only one week away! One week until the best eating day ever. You know, believe it or not, there are some options for making delicious food that won't have you waking up feeling like your belly is about to explode. It's all about minimizing defeat here, folks. It's one day. There is nothing wrong with splurging! But, if you can make something that's just as delicious as anything else on your Thanksgiving table, AND it's not going to make you feel terrible, why not try it? How about herbed turkey breast with prosciutto? Baked stuffed acorn squash? Maybe sweet potato basil soup? Bacon pecan brussels sprouts? How about pumpkin pie?!

P.S. These also make great leftovers recipes for the 3-5 days after Thanksgiving when you've vowed to "get back on the wagon." :)

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