Wednesday 10.15.14

Gear for the Intermediate CrossFitter

We posted a few weeks ago about "Gear for Beginning CrossFitters" - things that even someone should have on day 1. But what's next? So you've been CrossFitting for a few months, you're probably attending classes three times per week, and by now perhaps you've started to build some skills and strength that would now benefit from a few accessories. 

1) Jump Rope. If you have tried the plastic jump ropes at the gym and are now able to complete some double unders, it may be time for you to upgrade to a more personalized, and lighter jump rope. Remember back when you were learning to drive a car? How would your success driving and the speed at which you learned have been impacted if you practiced Monday with your mother's automatic transmission sedan, on Tuesday with your dad's manual transmission SUV, and on Wednesday with your brother's Ford F350 pick-up truck? Maybe not the best idea.  It's the same thing when you're trying to improve your double unders, but keep changing your jump rope for each practice session! Order a rope that you can customize to the exact length that you like, and use it every time you practice. Choose something simple and inexpensive. If this is your first jump rope, you may not be sure of the type of handle you'll prefer, the cable weight, and the cable length. Wait until you're proficient at double unders and have tried out several different types of ropes before you commit to a more expensive rope. The ropes from Again Faster work very well, provide some different options depending on where you're at, and are reasonably priced.

2) Athletic Tape. As an intermediate CrossFitter, you may have acquired some toes to bar and pull-ups skills that have started to take a toll on your hands! We know that gloves are a poor choice while lifting,  even on the pull-up bar - so what are you supposed to do when you either a) are about to tear your hands, or b) have a small tear or two, but still want to do your bar work? USE ATHLETIC TAPE! It allows you to feel the bar the best, provides some protection, and because it doesn't add a thick layer, you're not taxing your grip the same way you would with gloves. How do you use the tape to protect your hands? Watch this video:

15 minutes to build to a heavy single bench press
2xME benchpress @ 75% of todays single

Every 5 minutes for 15 minutes:
Row 500m
12 push press (95/65#)
12 burpees